Museum representations & honorary commissions Brandts exhibition complex, Odense / The National museum for photography, The Royal library CpH. / Museum of Danish National History, Frederiksborg castle / 3 year grant, Ministry of Cultural Affairs / Scandinavian Photography 2, Scandinavian house NY / LA Photo 2001-2002 / Ole Haslund artists fund honorary grant / External examiner at Charlottenborg censured exhibitions / Paris Photo 2000, Louvre / The Architects studio, Louisiana Art Museum, Henning Larsens architecture the Rotunda in Hellerup DK/ The Denmark In Transition project, 3 volume book and touring exhibition project / touring Rosphoto State Museum and Exhibition Centre, The Danish Cultural Institute in St.Petersburg / Heart Artmuseum, Herning, Brandts, Odense / Gl.Holtegaard and the exhibition “Orte” in Museumsberg, Flensburg.
Mindscapes text by Gitte Broeng Lines and structures are delineated with extreme sharpness and contrast in Fie Johansens photographs, which are rendered with a distant coolness. Open spaces and Terrain Vague are recurring motifs in her work as photographer. Places that are in-between systematization and coincidence, the urban and the rural, nature and culture. Her work concentrates on localities that give a physical form to the psychological. Her images become mindscapes as well as exhibitions and books. Fie Johansen has also produced the cover images for numerous jazz records, where her atmospheric photographs correspond visually to the abstract tones of the music. The subjects of her project for Denmark in Transition are not limited by technical or documentary principles. Color and black and white images supplement each other, and the spaces she represents have the quality of existing as images before she photographed them. Fie Johansen is not interested in interpreting places, but rather in showing spaces severed from their function or history, if they have one. This gives her images an abstrat quality dominated by shapes and structures. The spaces which are very real, appear to a certain extent as if they already exist as works - whether they include art or not. Like the twilight image from Ørestad - a low concrete bridge with its rectangular lines reflected in the water it crosses.The surface of the water is deadly calm, a perfect mirror. Standing at the end of the bridge is Hein Heinsens 7,5 meter high bronze sculptuure The Great Exchanger. The scluptures mix of strict abstract lines and recognisable, organic forms are also reflected, this image is mirrored in another equally enigmatic work of a processing plant in Gilleleje harbor. Here too there is a geometric construction in the shape of a sharp triangle that evokes the Danish Art Museum Arken together with a machine for sorting stones by size, that resembles a metal sculpture.One site is artistically and Architecturally formed, the other not. But the differences between them are erased by her. Both appear as enigmatic spaces in a landscape open to interpretation. WALLATTACK
Artbook of 33 images of East Side Gallery, Berlin 2006
CV 2020 Bookworks 2019 Galleri 47 Leica, Frederiksberg Allé 2017 Development of piezography techniques 2017 Here is Denmark / Illustrations to Bookproject / Brøndums forlag 2016 Piezography and nonsilver prints / Museumsbygningen CpH. 2014 Photo Collect and Present Photography / Museumsbygningen CpH. 2013 Development and production of platinum - palladium and cyanotype prints 2012 Ministry of Culture travel grant to USA 2012 Orten / Flensburg 26.02-28.05 2012 Places / Gl.Holtegaard 12.11-15.01 2012 Denmark in transition / 3 volume book project funded by Ministry of Culture, Realdania, Ny Carlsberg foundation 2011 Places / Rosphoto Sankt Petersborg 10.09 .02.10 2011 Denmark in Transition exhibition / Places / Heart Herning Kunstmuseum 2010 Places / Brandts, Ministry of Culture, Realdania and Ny Carlsberg 2009-2010 Grinnell College / Burling Library Iowa USA 2009 Denmark in Transition / Ministry of Culture, Realdania and Ny Carlsberg foundation, GyldendalPublis hung 2009 Always as never before / Skagens museum / Ministry of Culture, Realdania and Ny Carlsberg foundation, Gyldendal Publishing 2008 Denmark in transition / Ministry of Culture, Realdania and Ny Carlsberg foundation, Gyldendal Publishing 2008 Miles Davis on Plywood / Denmark Radio Concerthall Studio 2 / decoration 2007 Denmark in Transition / Ministry of Culture, Realdania and Ny Carlsberg foundation, Gyldendal publishing 2007 & 2008 Photofest International, Houston, special projects and auction 2007 One Shot Each / Brandts Klædefabrik / Odense / exhibition and book 2006 Ole Haslunds honorary grant 2006 Scandinavian Photography 2 / Scandinavia House New York 2005 Pro Charlottenborg CpH. 2005 Scandinavian Photography 2 / Faulconer Gallery Grinnell College Iowa 2005 Danish Art Foundation grant 2004 New York Photo 2004 PhotoLA Los Angeles, USA 2003 Photo LA Los Angeles USA. 2002 Piezografier / Soloexhibition / Politiken 2002 The newspaper Politikens graphic print 2002 Photo LA Los Angeles / USA 2001 Ministry of Culture 3 year grant 2001 Photo LA 2001 / Los Angeles, USA 2001 Digital Room Show / Fotografisk Center Kunstforeningen Gl.Strand CpH. 2001 Graphics Hus / Mariefred Sweden 2000 Paris Ph 2000 / Louvre 2000 highlights in Nordic photogravure / photogravure in the north / Texas USA 99/2000 The Architects Studio / Louisiana / 10 digital motifs over Henning Larsen's architecture 1999 Ministry of Culture grant 1998 Highlights and Gravure / Møstings house Frederiksberg 1998 Highlights and Gravure / Stenersen museet Oslo 1997 Award for best book production of the year with the book Fie Johansen 1997 Winner of The Danish Ministry of Culture Book award 1997 1997 Highlights and Gravure / Censured exhibition + book / Brandts 1992 Hypnagogic images / nonsilver prints on exhibition at Brandts Odense 1987 Artistic Photography in Scandinavia / Art Museum Düsseldorf 1985 Homo Decorans / Louisiana, Humlebæk